Global Goals Challenge
Compete in the Sustainable Development Goals
– and identify specific actions for your company

4 – 200 participants | 1 – 3 hours | From 800 EUR

 We send a link
We send you a link to the virtual meeting room well before we meet. It is easy for everyone to access. We will be ready by the phone if there are any unexpected technical problems.
Global Goals and Act Now
Everyone meets virtually in our meeting room and our facilitator introduces you to the game. Separated into minor teams the participants compete in ready knowledge of the Global Goals as well as in specific and low-practice action proposals that can be implemented in the company.
The proposals are assessed on the basis of several parameters, the points are settled and today’s Global Goal Ambassadors are chosen.

 Global Goals Challenge
– virtual team building

In the Global Goals Challenge, you and your colleagues will meet virtually and compete in trivia knowledge of the Global Goals, while having to generate suggestions for specific actions that contribute lead to achieving the Global Goals in your business. The game can be used regardless of whether or not you have chosen Global Goals.

Our planet is a lovely place, but it is easy to forget how much it has to offer as we are constantly reminded of the challenges we face on a daily basis – from inequality to poverty and climate change. We must preserve all the good that exists in the human race and put an end to all the things that takes hope away from us. That is the reason why the world leaders met in 2015 and launched the 2030 Agenda: 17 Sustainable Development Goals. This is important to all of us. And we are all responsible for being part of the change. But how?

Governments all over the world have already agreed on the goals, and now it’s time for companies to give life to their ideas and solutions. In the Global Goals Challenge, you get to learn the Global Goals in a fun and different way, and come up with very specific and simple suggestions on how you can work with the Global Goals in your particular organization.

 How the game works

After an introduction to the game and the framework, we test the participants knowledge of the Global Goals in a fun and learning way. This is done to set the mood and lower the parades – the Global Goals are not as complicated and unattainable as you would think.

After this, you will have a number of rounds, each dealing with a world goal. The number of rounds depends on the chosen edition and whether or not you have chosen your Global Goals, the number of participants and how much time you have available.

Each round introduces the participants to specific Global Goals – after that, you have to compete on trivial knowledge and actions that can be implemented in your organization. The suggestions are scored according to the likelihood of success – concrete and very simple suggestions that can easily be implemented will therefore prevail over flighty and complex visions.

Global Goals are very much about getting things done. Therefore some of the rounds are “Act now” rounds, where the groups must act on one or more of the Global Goals at once. The best actions are rewarded.

After completing the Global Goals Challenge, you will often have the feeling that the inclusion of the Global Goals is not out of reach. In a fun and competitive way, you get your focus and process kick-started, and in a playful way, you also get a number of ideas for easy implementation in the workplace and/or home workplaces.

The purpose of the game:

  • Involve employees in working with the Global Goals.
  • Increase employees’ willingness to work with the Global Goals.
  • Ensure understanding and support from employees to work on the Global Goals.
  • Make the Global Goals accessible in a “harmless” gaming environment.
  • Create a sense of community and make people more aware of the company’s direction and values.
  • Clarify the Global Goals and how to work with them.
  • Turn thoughts into actions.

Content of the game

We take care of the gaming environment from start to finish. The game is facilitated virtually LIVE and our facilitator instructs and guides you as you play. Everything takes place in our online meeting room and no preparation is required for the participants. Participants simply need to have access to a computer with Internet access and a camera.

Possible uses

The game can be used in any organization that wants to get started with the Global Goals – and at the same time get employees involved in this process. In a fun, learning and competitive way, the focus will be on specific actions in the company. If Global Goals have already been chosen, the game will focus on these goals.

The participants become smarter and more involved in the work of the Global Goals, creating a common frame of reference.

All employees can participate in the Global Goals Challenge equally.

For example, the game can be used to:

  • Kickstart work on the Global Goals in your company.
  • Remote team building.
  • Put the Global Goals on the agenda of the organisation.
  • Identify specific actions to support the Global Goals.
  • Activity for the Strategy Days.
  • A break in meetings, courses or seminars.
  • Activity for a theme day.
  • Fun and educational activity for the summer party if you are already working on the Global Goals.
  • To create common goals and a common direction.
Questions? – Feel free to call us at +45 71 99 81 81


  • Educational and learning team building
  • 4 – 200 participants
  • 1 – 3 hours as requested
  • English. (Other languages via interpreter).
  • We provide everything needed
  • Takes place in a virtual meeting room


  • Increase knowledge and involve employees in working with the Global Goals
  • Ensure understanding and support from employees to work with the Global Goals
  • Create a sense of community and become more aware of the company’s direction and values
  • Make the Global Goals specific and explain how to work with them
  • Common frame of reference regardless of position in the organization
  • Together – individually
  • Collaborate in a different and virtual way
  • Relationships with one’s colleagues are strengthened
  • Train and strengthen collaboration in groups
  • Serve as an entertaining event

Several departments or teams?

If you have several departments or teams that want to book a game at different times, we have the opportunity to make a dashboard that shows all results from the completed events.

That way, the entire organization can compete against each other.

Prices for   Global Goals Challenge

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Lightfrom€ 800Standardfrom€ 950Most PopularPlusfrom€ 1.150
0-10 ps.: 800 EUR*
+10 ps.: Not possible
0-20 ps.:950 EUR*
21-30 ps.:1.150 EUR*
31-40 ps.: 1.350 EUR*
41-50 ps.: 1.550 EUR*
51-60 ps.: 1.750 EUR*
61-70 ps.: 1.950 EUR*
71-80 ps.: 2.150 EUR*
81-90 ps.: 2.350 EUR*
91-100 ps.: 2.550 EUR*
+100 ps.:Contact us
0-20 ps.:1.150 EUR*
21-30 ps.:1.350 EUR*
31-40 ps.:1.550 EUR*
41-50 ps.:1.750 EUR*
51-60 ps.:1.950 EUR*
61-70 ps.:2.150 EUR*
71-80 ps.:2.350 EUR*
81-90 ps.:2.550 EUR*
91-100 ps.:2.750 EUR*
+100 ps.:Contact us
Duration (as requested) The duration is usually 90 minutes in the standard edition, but can be arranged both shorter and longer. 60-90 minutes 60-120 minutes 90-180 minutes
Number of Global GoalsNumber of Global Goals we can process during the event.1-2Up to 4Up to 7
Complete game with Global Goals, challenges etc. We provide everything needed. The participants simply need access to a computer with internet access and a webcam.
Identify specific actionsDuring the event participants will identify specific actions that your company can work with.
Facilitation and guidance We will guide the participants from first instruction until the winning team is found. You can join your colleagues on a team or be an observer.
Vitual meeting room We provide acces to our virtual meeting room, where we all can meet and have the opportunity to work in smaller teams.
LIVE facilitator(s) 1 facilitator facilitates the game LIVE. If there are many participants, there will be several facilitators present.
Diploma for the winning team We send a diploma to the winning team - that can be printed and hung on the wall.
Reflect on teamwork and communicationBesides cooperating on a Global Goals exercise, teams will have the oppotunity to subsequently evaluate their teamwork and communication. These tools can then be re-shaped for use at work and with colleagues.
Written follow-upAfter the event, we will send a written follow-up with all the actions/ideas that have been mentioned during the event.
Personal coordinator You will get a personal coordinator to answer all your questions and who makes sure everything goes smoothly.
Coordination via email or phone After ordering, details about start-up, team sheets and more are discussed by phone or email.
Coordination meeting (online) If you prefer we can meet online and discuss the practical details regarding your event.
Randomised teams Teams can be sorted at random.
Sort your colleagues into predetermined teams Provide us with a team sheet and we’ll sort the teams.
+ See full comparison– Hide full comparison
Extra actor 300 EUR300 EUR300 EUR
Special customization 300 EUR300 EUR
Spoken languages EnglishEnglishEnglish
Live captions / subtitles Live captions are available should the agreed upon platform provide it.
Live interpreter We include our own interpreter - or we can help you find one.
Google Meet
OtherContact usContact us
WeekdaysMonday - WednesdayMonday - SundayMonday - Sunday
Starting time6.00 - 19.00 CET24H24H
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Virtual events with little to no climate impact We focus on being as energy efficient as possible. We have sensors that control our lights, water and heat. Our building is new and has insolation and low energy consumption.
Green energy We only buy green electricity.
Sustainable Development Goals We focus and work towards the UN’s 17 global goals, especially towards the health and wellbeing of our employees.
No subcontractors You deal with the producers themselves. We have designed all our products and do not use outside contractors to facilitate our games."
Tried and tested All our games have been played successfully by both larger and smaller companies. "
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Questions and Answers

Is it LIVE or pre-recorded?

 Everything takes place LIVE. At the agreed starting time, our facilitators are ready to greet you and your team in our virtual meeting room and will be present throughout the entire process.

Everything we say and do is LIVE. Nothing is pre-recorded.

Are you available on our preferred date?

Please check our booking calendar – or feel free to contact us – we would be happy to check a specific date or several specific dates for availability.

Less than 48 hours until your event? Please contact us for availability.

How many will be attending from your company?

We facilitate everything from start to finish.

Regardless of the selected edition participants will always have a facilitator who leads the entire game.

For events with many participants and/or in plus editions we’ll provide several facilitators that will attend and assist in the game and/or act as a backup with technical aspects, team division etc.

Which edition should we choose?

We guarantee that you will have a good experience, no matter which edition you choose.

If you want something extra, you can go with the plus edition. If you want to bring down the price, you can choose the light edition.

Most customers choose the standard edition.

Compare the editions for Global Goals Challenge here.

Can you do it in other languages?

All our games are available in English. Selected games are also available in German.

However, most meeting platforms have features that can help participants who experience difficulties understanding English. See the options for Interpreter and subtitles here.

We are located in Denmark – and therefore we also offer all our games in Danish. If you are interested in our Danish versions – please visit our Danish site

Is there any prepareration needed?

We will facilitate everything from the moment we step into the room and guide you throughout the entire game. Besides a computer with internet access and webcam, there is no preparation or downloading needed from the participants.

How many participants can we be?

 In Global Goals Challenge you can be between 4-200 participants.
Contact us if you have other needs. 

What do I need to do?

After booking the event you can sit back and relax.

We will plan all the details and take care of the whole event from start to finish. Once we get started, there is nothing you need to do. You can participate on equal terms with your colleagues.

How many teams will we be divided into?

Participants will be divided into several teams. The number of teams depends on the final number of participants. We can split the teams randomly. Should you wish to determine the team in advance this is possible in the standard and plus editions.

When is the best time to start?

Our games can be conducted both during the day and throughout the evening.

We can start at whatever time suits you the best – no matter what timezone you are located in.

Can I change the date after booking?

Yes, you can change the date up to 30 days before. Note that the payment will remain due on the original date

See our terms and conditions here.

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