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Since we started 15 years ago, we have put together more than 4,500 events, and we currently put together over 700 events a year.

Lykke & Co. A/S facilitates a number of different educational games for companies and entertaining team building activities, that we have developed on our own. We are based in Denmark, but we facilitate our virtual games for businesses worldwide. We offer the majority of our games in both Danish and English. Selected games are also available in German.

We spread far and wide. That counts both geographically, the costumer’s industry, location type, and the number of participants. In other words, we facilitate both physical and virtual events for many different types of customers.

On this page you can find some references and get some insight into what our customers say about us. If you are from a larger business, we may have played a game with another department of yours, and we can give you the name of a colleague who has tried one of the games themselves.

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Flight #CB702

“Lykke & Co. has done an absolutely fantastic job”

Recently for our cross-functional corporate event we were looking for a fun and engaging activity to give our teamwork and motivation a boost. Lykke & Co. has done an absolutely fantastic job in hosting a challenging and slightly competitive event that really helped our team work closely together in a fun setting.

Especially their personal approach and ability to create an inclusive environment digitally was a refreshing and exciting experience for us all. Hence I would strongly recommend Lykke & Co. for folks that are looking for an engaging online team experience.

Vincent Laduc
Business Analyst
Google Ireland Ltd.

Shadow Hotel

“A big thank you for very entertaining 2 hours!”

We wanted to shout out to you & your team and  send you a BIG thank you for very entertaining 2 hours! I think our team liked it a lot, we were speaking after it a bit more and laughed a lot.

The time building up to the event was fantastic, the communication perfect and you made our first online Christmas Party a success.
We wish you and your team a joyous festive season, a healthy and good start into the New Year and all the Best with for your future!

Peggy Eldred
Office Management
Hubject GmbH, Germany

Flight #CB702

“The feedback from the team was excellent”

The storyline is good and brings the players outside their day to day issues, which was very good.

The feedback from the team was excellent.

Matthieu Jaunatre
Manager, Project Quality
Offshore, Ørsted

Shadow Hotel

“You are doing a great job connecting people together”

I want to thank you and your colleagues for organizing everything and all the hard work you did.
I was really worried how everything will go, because it’s a new format for us. But turns out that there was nothing to worry about.
Everybody had a lot of fun and I received only positive feedbacks.

You are doing a great job connecting people together and helping them to learn how to cooperate with each other.
It means a lot for us during these pandemic times. Thank you again! It was nice communicating and spending time with you.

Sofiya Bodnar
Travel manager / HR assistant
idalko, Belgium – France – Ukraine

Shadow Hotel

“Exciting and very professional event!”

Thank you so much for an exciting and very professional event!

The students thought it was very exciting and they spoke a lot in all of the groups. I was physically rotating between the groups. They made a lot of notes whilst underway. Even several pages in some places! It was really good to see how they worked together.

It is in situations like these that you can tell if they have matured and can work together. The student være focused and it worked really well for them.

Thank you for your exciting presentation!

Charlotte Pedersen
Giersings Realskole, Denmark

Operation Desert Survivors

“5 stars to this activity”

I would like to say big thanks to you and your team for giving us the full 2hrs of fun last week.

Jonas and Michael were very professional, really fun and great to us. We are aware that it was very early for them too,
so thanks everyone that needed to get up so early for us – both front and behind the camera.

Because of this success, I would like to share our story to another team so, hopefully, we could use your service again.
We did do over all feedback and the team gave 5 stars to this activity. Bravo!!

Wanida Quieti
OPE Upstream Asia DCTI Program Manager
Michelin Siam Co., Ltd., Thailand

Flight #CB702

“Their services by far exceeded our expectations”

We have organized a virtual team building activity with Lykke & Co. The event was seamless, fun and hassle free. Their services by far exceeded our expectations and we’d be glad to work with them again.

Aurelia Andre
Regional Marketing Head Beauty Care Retail – MEA,
Henkel Jebel Ali FZCO, Dubai

Statements from participants:

“The setup was great and it was really well executed.”

“A really great event, especially in a time where you need the sense of communit.”

“Well prepared and execute.”

“Believable story and officer.”

“A super joint experience.”

“A nice break and test of teamwork.”

“It was fun!!”

“Great and different way to get together online.”

“A good and different experience.”

“Now we have something to laugh
about on monday.”

“It was fun, educational and entertaining. And a perfect end to our online course.”

“It went smoothly.”

“We have done other Virtual Team events and I can assure you this one was the best!”

Flight #CB702

“It was very professional”

Congratulations to the whole organization, it was very professional, went fluently and also well done to all the actors!

Project Leader
BCD Meetings & Events

The Vault

“You guys are amazing”

Just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for the perfect team building yesterday!

Everyone was having fun, it was really well thought of and you guys are amazing! I already had people asking me for your contact for their team buildings and I’m definitely recommending you to everyone I know.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication and hope to see you again sometimes!

Tina Boseska
Assistant GDS, Information Technology
Swiss Re Management Ltd

The Vault

“The event was a total success!”

Thanks so much, the event was a total success! Jake, Jonas and Chris were so enthusiastic and going all out in their roles, so fun! I also think that Jake did such a good job at responding to the comments in the live chat and keeping a really good energy level and interactive atmosphere throughout the game.

Keep up the good work, you all added a bit of good fun to our lives in the midst of these slightly depressing and isolated times.
Big thanks again to you and the team!

Christine Maree
Team Development Lead
Latana, Germany

Shadow Hotel

“This experience is beyond expectation”

Thank you for the Virtual Team Building event, you made us the investigators! All of the team members appreciated it and they said it was interesting, fun and of course enjoyed the team togetherness in solving an issue.

We never tried this virtual activity before, but this experience is beyond expectation and definitely will be in the options while conducting events in the future.

Sarish Talikota
Documentation Specialist (R&D),
Clinical Mass Spectrometry / Clinical Diagnostics, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Flight #CB702

“The experience
was amazing!!”

It was really fun!! We all enjoyed it, the change between virtual rooms worked perfectly. Your staff did a great job in their rolls.

The experience was amazing!! Thanks for the service from the beginning till the end.

Rajithaa Sritharan
Well-being Specialist
Danfoss Power Solutions A/S, Denmark

Shadow Hotel

“The professionalism and attention to detail provided by the organiser were outstanding”

This week, in the spirit of the upcoming holiday, I’ve decided to do something fun with my team.

I’ve been thinking long and hard about what a good option would be for a virtual event that would be both entertaining and serve a purpose, like teamwork or communication. Finally, in the sea of options, I, quite unexpectedly, came across Lykke & Co. A/S and their Virtual Team Building games.

Hold on a minute! Am I just writing a product recommendation? Yes and No.

Yes – The event was super fun! We spent nearly two hours getting to the bottom of a criminal case – with live actors, clues, notifications and so on. The professionalism and attention to detail provided by the organiser were outstanding, and I highly recommend you look at their offer and pick something for your teams. You will not regret it!

No – I was surprised to find out how much information one can pull from a fun virtual game. To start with, there was a reflection round where everyone could share their thought on teamwork and communication styles. But most importantly, it presented me with a unique opportunity to observe the team in a non-work related environment, which to me was priceless.

When you work in primarily remote/virtual settings, it’s easy to oversee or forget how critical those situations are and how much you can learn from them.

If you are like me and would like to bring your virtual team together, you should really check them out!
#teambuilding #teamwork #virtualteams #communication

Kasia Pawlik
CEO & Founder
Unusual Marketing, Poland

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