Operation Desert Survivors is a strategic and mathematical team building exercise in which the teams fight for their survival

6 – 120 participants | 45 – 120 minutes | From 650 EUR

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We send you a link to the virtual meeting room well before we meet. It is easy for everyone to access. We will be ready by the phone if there are any unexpected technical problems.

Strategic and mathematical team building

The participants compete by using strategy and math to ensure that everyone completes the game. However, you want to be both greedy and smart if you want to win.

Mission complete

Survival in the desert is a tough battle and even if everyone survives, of course only one team can win! Who will have the most water left?

Operation Desert Survivors – virtual team building

Operation Desert Survivors is a strategic and mathematical cooperation exercise in which the teams fight for their survival. But this will prove to be very difficult, as you are not able to communicate with the other teams. It is going to be necessary to think outside of the box and work together in a bigger perspective. A good solution for one team can prove to have the opposite effect on the mission as a whole. By the help of strategy, math and cooperation the mission might be a success.

Availability and booking

How the game works

In our online meeting room you will be greeted by our facilitator who is also a desert guide, survival specialist and your personal help to complete the mission. The reason you need help is because you and your colleagues are stranded deep in the desert, and help will not arrive any time soon. Therefore, you need to survive until help arrives.

The participants are divided in camps with a joint well between them. It is their task to survive by inquiring for water from the well owner. However, if the well runs dry of water, all of the camps will die from thirst. Using math and strategy the teams must inquire enough water to survive each round, but not so much water that the well runs dry. The teams have no clue about how much water is left in the well, as the camps are unaware of each other’s strategy and plan for survival.

No one wants to just barely survive. So the camp with the most water left at the end, is the camp that will be named ‘The Best Desert Survivalists’. Are you ready to take on the challenge with your colleagues?

The purpose of the game:

  • To emphasize the importance of cooperation, strategy, and communication.
  • To exercise and strengthen cooperation in teams.
  • To show the frustration that can easily occur when lacking communication.
  • To illustrate solutions in a bigger perspective. 
  • To function as an entertaining feature.

Content of the game

We provide you with a story, setting, etc. during the course of the game. The game is led virtually and LIVE from our settings by our facilitator who is dressed as a desert guide. The facilitator introduces the participants to the mission and continuously guides them during the game. Everything takes place in our online meeting room and requires no preparation by the participants. The participants simply need access to a computer with Internet access and webcam.

Possible uses

Operation Desert Survivors is an  educational and entertaining game that is particularly suited to teams and businesses that work remotely and need a fun and entertaining break from their everyday life, strengthening their sense of community, whilst also teaching them about strategy and math. Operation Desert Survivors can be used as a different cooperation exercise, entertainment for the virtual get-together or as a weekday break for those unable to physically meet.

The game is designed for businesses, and the difficulty level is set accordingly.

In Operation Desert Survivors the teams work together, but at the same time they compete to be the best. Only one team can win, but no one can win if they do not work together. Along the way, there are both joint scenes where everyone is gathered at once, and parts during which smaller teams work separately.

Questions? – Feel free to call us at +45 71 99 81 81

Availability and booking


  •  Educational and fun team building

  • 6 – 120 participants

  •  45 – 120 minutes as requested

  • English. (Other languages via interpreter).

  • We provide everything needed

  • Takes place in a virtual meeting room


  • Together – apart
  • Cooperate in a different and virtual way

  • Strengthens collegial relationships

  • Common frame of reference regardless of organisation level

  • Illustrate the importance of teamwork and communication

  • Trains and strengthens teamwork within groups

  • Strengthens strategic and mathematical knowledge

  • Demonstrates the frustration that can easily arise due to lack of communication

  • Works as an entertaining element

Several departments or teams?

  • If you have several departments or teams that want to book a game at different times, we have the opportunity to make a dashboard that shows all results from the completed events. That way, the entire organization can compete against each other.


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Duration (as requested)
Duration (as requested)
45-75 minutes
60-120 minutes
Complete game with story etc.
Complete game with story etc.
Vitual meeting room
Vitual meeting room
Facilitation and guidance
Facilitation and guidance
Event coordination via email or phone
Event coordination via email or phone
Instructor / desert guide
Instructor / desert guide
Diploma for the winning team
Diploma for the winning team
Reflect on teamwork and communication
Reflect on teamwork and communication

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Questions and Answers

Please check our booking calendar – or feel free to contact us to inquire if we are available on a specific date.

Less than 48 hours until your event? Please contact us for availability.

Everything takes place “LIVE”. At the agreed starting time, our  facilitator(s) are ready in the virtual meeting room and are present (only for you) throughout the process.

Everything we say and do is LIVE. Nothing is pre-recorded. During the group sessions, the instructors visit the groups to hear how the work is progressing.

Operation Desert Survivors can be completed both during the day and in the evening.
We can start at exactly the time that suits you best – no matter what timezone you are in.  

As the orderer, you must first of all sit back and rejoice that you have ordered our product.

We take care of the whole event from start to finish, so once we get started, there is nothing you need to do. You can participate along with your colleagues.

We guarantee that you will have a good experience, no matter which edition you choose, but we recommend that you use the standard edition.

If you want something extra, you can go with the plus edition. If you want to bring down the price, you can choose the light edition.

Most customers choose the standard edition – and few select the light version.

Between 6-120 participants, divided into smaller groups.
Contact us if you have other needs. 

Along the way, participants will be divided into several virtual teams. The number of teams depends on the final number of participants. We can split the teams randomly – or you can determine the teams in advance.

We facilitate everything from start to finish.

Regardless of the selected version, we will participate with one instructor/facilitator who leads the game from start to finish.

For events with many participants, we have several instructors/facilitators that attend and assist in the game and/or act as a backup for technical aspects, team division etc.

We offer all our games in English.

We are located in Denmark – and therefore we also offer all our games in Danish. If you are interested in our Danish version – please visit our Danish site www.lykkeco.dk.

We can complete the game even if you are not sitting separately, for example, if you are having a social event in the office. The game will still take place virtually, and participants will still be divided into smaller groups competing against each other. Feel free to contact us for a chat about how it can be implemented.

Availability and booking