Non-English speaking participants?
– see our options here

Do some of your participants speak or understand limited English?

We facilitate our games in verbal and written English – however, most meeting platforms have features that can help the participants who experience difficulties understanding English.

Get a quote

  • If you are many participants, have special needs or just need a quote we will be happy to make a quote for you.

Demo meeting

  • Book a 15 minutes demo session and hear more about the activities.

Zoom Interpreter

We allow you to hire a Zoom simultaneous interpreter in your preferred language/dialect if some of your team members experience difficulties understanding English.

A simultaneous interpreter is an external service that you book yourself and provide us with an interpreter code.

During your game the individual participant can choose if they want to hear our facilitator, the simultaneous interpretation or a mix of both.

The original audio can be muted or heard with a lower volume in the background while the simultaneous interpreter translates.

Live Captions

Some platforms offer live captions (CC – Closed Captioning) in the main meeting room.

The technology isn’t flawless and should be seen as a supplement only.

Some meeting platforms such as Google Meet offer live caption translation to different languages.