The booker needs to feel secure

 We keep our promises

At Virtual Team Building we keep our promises – and put action into our words with a list of guarantees:

  • Price Match Guarantee
    If you find a similar event to ours, that is cheaper, we will match the price.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
    If you are not satisfied, we will provide a new event for you.
  • Delivery Guarantee
    We start on time – or the event is free.
  • Flexibility Guarantee
    We are flexible if any changes occur after the booking.

The guarantees apply to all our virtual events.

Questions? – Feel free to call us at +45 71 99 81 81 (all weekdays between 9.00 – 15.00 CET) or send us an email

 Price Match Guarantee

 Should you – against all expectations – find a lower price from a competitor, we will match the price.

The event in comparison must have similarities, for example, that the competitor is also able to deliver the event at the same time, place, in the same language and with the same number of instructors.

Note this

The Price Match Guarantee applies to all events for 25 to 100 participants, which makes up most of the events we deliver.

Even as we in almost any situation can invoke that the competitor’s event will not completely be similar to ours, you can expect fair treatment. If the competitor’s offer is similar on some points, we will match the price. Note that the competitor must be a European company. 

The Price Match Guarantee will last up to 14 days after your booking, and there must be more than 14 days to the date of the event.

How to

Send us a copy of the better offer and we will reply as soon as possible.

 Satisfaction Guarantee

We mean it when we write that we stand by 100% of the quality of our events. We live for our happy customers, and only when you are satisfied, are we satisfied

If we deliver an event where you are not satisfied with the quality, we will redo it. Notice that we will not give you a refund, but we will deliver a new event (for the same group) without charging extra.

Note this

In the circumstances that have nothing to do with us, the Satisfaction Guarantee does not apply, for example:

  • If the participants speak a different language than what was initially informed prior to the event.
  • If the participants are intoxicated or extraordinarily loud at the event.
  • If there, prior to the event, has been changes in your organisation, for instance restructuring the organisation or redundancies etc.
  • Should we on the day of the event get less time than planned – for instance, if your time schedule has been exceeded and the program after the event cannot be changed.
  • Other information we have not been given prior to the event.

    How to

    Give us a call and explain what you are dissatisfied with at the latest 24 hours after the event has ended. Then we will go through the case and return as soon as possible.

       Delivery Guarantee

       We know how important it is for you as the organizer that we start on time. Should you, against all expectations, experience that we are not ready at the agreed time, we will provide you with an offer of a new event without additional charges or refunds.

      The guarantee applies for all events up to 3.000 EUR, as well as in all circumstances where we are responsible for the delay. However, if there are delays in your program and we therefore cannot start on time, the guarantee does not apply. If you are responsible for the delay, you can, of course, make use of our Flexibility Guarantee.

      Note this

      The guarantee does not apply by force majeure, for example in the events of war, strike, natural disasters, breakdown of IT infrastructure and the like.

      How to

      Send us an e-mail. Then, we will go through the events and return to you as soon as possible.

      P.S. Do not get your hopes up to get a free event – we have to this date always delivered our events on time!

         Flexibility Guarantee

         From the booking and up until the event, you might need to make changes to the agreement. Here, we are very flexible – if we may say so ourselves – below you will see some examples of what is possible.

        • The event can be moved with no additional costs if you contact us at the latest 30 days prior to the event – also without knowing the new date. The original date of payment must, however, be kept.
        • The starting time of the event can be moved up until the day before the event is delivered – as long as it is possible with regard to other events.
        • On the event day, the starting time can under normal circumstances be adjusted more or less 15 minutes before the start – as long as it is possible with regards to set-ups and other events.
        • The number of participants can be upgraded if we receive this message up until 7 days prior to the delivery of the event – as long as it is possible with regards to capacity.
        • The platform of the event can be changed up until the day before the delivery – as long as it is possible with regard to other events.

          If you have other requests, please do not hesitate to ask us about anything in-between – it is most likely possible.

          How to

          Send us an e-mail or call the coordinator of your event directly.

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