DILEMMA – a game of company culture

Develop workplace culture skills
and make everyone a trailblazer of office culture

6 – 500 participants | 1 – 3 hours | From 800 EUR

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Relevant and educational dilemmas

The participants will work with realistic but fictional dilemmas through different methods. The participants will work with concrete and practical suggestions that can be implemented.

Today's trailblazers of culture

Lessons are learned, votes and points are tallied and we announce today's trailblazers of culture.


In the game DILEMMA the participants train one another in your company culture and values via a selection of fictional but realistic and work-related dilemmas.

The participants meet virtually and will be presented with different exciting dilemmas throughout the game. In groups, the participants must share opinions and perspectives, before they agree on what they think would be ‘best practice’ at your company.

DILEMMA is a dialogue game that makes use of what is called cognitive behavior training. Once we have discussed it with our company’s culture and values in mind, add our practical experience and bring our imagination into play – it will be much easier to deal with a situation, when it happens in real life. In DILEMMA, we use simple game elements so that everything is happening in a safe environment with room for different opinions.

We will adapt the game specifically to your event based on occasion, the desired outcome, duration and more.

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How the game works

After our facilitator has introduced you to the game and the premises, we will start with some quick dilemmas to set the mood and let the guards down. 

Afterwards, several rounds will take place, each with a dilemma that relates to the culture in the workplace. The dilemmas often touch on subjects such as cooperation, communication, and customer service.

We will set up the rounds in a way that makes them vary in duration, and vary in the way the dilemmas are dealt with. 

DILEMMA is designed so that everyone will have a say at some point and so the participants do not influence each other. For example, the participants will in some dilemmas vote anonymously on the solution they agree most with. The discussions will be done under a set of rules that will make sure that there is a good tone throughout the whole game, and that tough subjects are easier to talk about. For the same reasons, all dilemmas are fictive but with the possibility to draw parallels to your own everyday life.

Along the way, the participants will identify concrete suggestions to actions that can contribute to the ‘best practice’ that has been agreed on in the different groups. The suggestions should comply with your culture and values – no matter if you have written or unwritten values. The actions will also be rated for their value and possibility for success after the implementation. Throughout the game, the groups will have the opportunity to vote on each other’s actions.

After having completed DILEMMA, you will often have several concrete suggestions that create value and are easy to implement in the workplace.

The aim of the game:

  • Work-related dilemmas are discussed in a safe game-environment before they happen.
  • Provide understanding for one another’s perspectives, and why others might act differently than one self.
  • Create a sense of community and gain knowledge of your company’s direction and values.
  • Make your company’s value concrete as well as how to work on the values.
  • Inspire each other to solve things in new ways.
  • Demonstrate that challenges often can be solved in many ways, and that diversity makes your company strong.

Content of the game

We take care of the gaming environment from start to finish. The game is facilitated virtually LIVE and our facilitator instructs and guides you as you play. Everything takes place in our online meeting room and no preparation is required for the participants. Participants simply need to have access to a computer with Internet access and a camera.

Possible uses

As DILEMMA is adapted to the specific desire of outcome, duration, and which topics should be in focus, the game has a lot of possible uses.

The game can be used by all organizations that proactively wish to train employees in different challenges and problems before they occur. The participants get to know each other better, the culture and values of your company, and this will create a common framework.

All employees can participate in DILEMMA as equals.

The game can for example be used as:

  • An activity during i.e. a staff meeting or a strategy day.
  • Concrete team building exercise.
  • A focus on service in the organization.
  • A short break during an online meeting.
  • Introducing new employees.
  • Kick-starting a project.
  • Creating new energy in the organization.
  • Creating common directions. 
  • An entertaining element with ethical/moral/entertaining dilemmas.

Questions? – Feel free to call us at +45 71 99 81 81

Availability and booking
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  • Educational team buliding

  • 6 – 500 participants

  • 1 – 3 hous as requested

  • English. (Other languages via interpreter).

  • We provide everything needed

  • Takes place in a virtual meeting room


  • Understanding of others’ views

  • Relationships with one’s colleagues are strengthened

  • Focus on company culture and values

  • Common framework in solving work-related dilemmas

  • Common frame of reference regardless of position in the organization

  • Concrete ideas to actions that are based on common direction

  • Together – individually

  • Collaborate in a different and virtual way

  • Train and strengthen collaboration in groups

  • Serve as an entertaining event

Several departments or teams?

  • If you have several departments or teams that want to book a game at different times, we have the opportunity to make a dashboard that shows all results from the completed events.

    That way, the entire organization can compete against each other.


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Duration (as requested)
Duration (as requested)
60-90 minutes
90-180 minutes
The dilemmas
The dilemmas
Standard depending on subjects/industry
Developed depending on subject/industry
Vitual meeting room
Vitual meeting room
Facilitation and guidance
Facilitation and guidance
Event coordination via email or phone
Event coordination via email or phone
Identify specific actions
Identify specific actions
Diploma for the winning team
Diploma for the winning team
Written follow up
Written follow up
Reflect on teamwork and communication
Reflect on teamwork and communication

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Questions and Answers

Please check our booking calendar – or feel free to contact us to inquire if we are available on a specific date.

Less than 48 hours until your event? Please contact us for availability.

Everything takes place “LIVE”. At the agreed starting time, our facilitator(s) are ready in the virtual meeting room and are present (only for you) throughout the process.

Everything we say and do is LIVE. Nothing is pre-recorded. During the group sessions, the facilitators visit the groups to hear how the work is progressing.

DILEMMA can be completed both during the day and in the evening.
We can start at exactly the time that suits you best – no matter what timezone you are in.  

As the orderer, you must first of all sit back and rejoice that you have ordered our product.

We take care of the whole event from start to finish, so once we get started, there is nothing you need to do. You can participate along with your colleagues.

We guarantee that you will have a good experience, no matter which edition you choose, but we recommend that you use the standard edition.

If you want something extra, you can go with the plus edition. If you want to bring down the price, you can choose the light edition.

Most customers choose the standard edition – and few select the light version.

Between 6-500 participants, divided into smaller groups.
Contact us if you have other needs. 

Along the way, participants will be divided into several virtual teams. The number of teams depends on the final number of participants. We can split the teams randomly – or you can determine the teams in advance.

We facilitate everything from start to finish.

Regardless of the selected version, we will participate with one facilitator who leads the game from start to finish.

For events with many participants, we have several facilitators that attend and assist in the game and/or act as a backup for technical aspects, team division etc.

We offer all our games in English.

We are located in Denmark – and therefore we also offer all our games in Danish. If you are interested in our Danish version – please visit our Danish site www.lykkeco.dk.

We can complete the game even if you are not sitting separately, for example, if you are having a social event in the office. The game will still take place virtually, and participants will still be divided into smaller groups competing against each other. Feel free to contact us for a chat about how it can be implemented.

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