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Lykke & Co. A/S
Hvilehøjvej 27, DK-5220 Odense SØ

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Tel. +45 71 99 81 81

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Generally open all weekdays between 9.00 – 15.00 CET.
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24H in all time zomes
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DK 34 21 81 61
Nordea, Business Banking Fyn, Vestre Stationsvej 7, DK-5000 Odense C, Denmark
IBAN: DK2520006276492223
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We are a Danish company that has been operating for more than 13 years. We are located in Odense in the middle of Denmark – the hometown of the fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen.

In addition to our virtual events here at, we also do more than 300 events every year for companies in Denmark. These events are done on the customers own premises, at hotels etc. Please visit for more information on our activities in Denmark.

Our virtual games are now run in our new building – seen in the picture. This building was built in 2020 (new picture on its way).

The team

Dennis Lykke
Dennis LykkeSales & development
Marianne Lund Meissner
Marianne Lund MeissnerSales & instructor
Malene Priske Lykke
Malene Priske LykkeSales & marketing
Julian Martinsen
Julian MartinsenCoordinator & instructor
Michael Madsen
Michael MadsenCoordinator & instructor
Line Christiansen
Line ChristiansenCoordinator & instructor
Asbjørn Granberg
Asbjørn GranbergCoordinator & instructor
Oliver Christian Gram
Oliver Christian GramInstructor
Mathias Bjerg
Mathias BjergInstructor
Helene Nørgård
Helene NørgårdInstructor
Lærke Krudt
Lærke KrudtInstructor
Jens Lundsgaard
Jens LundsgaardInstructor
Janne Svendsen
Janne SvendsenInstructor
Jonas Hansen
Jonas HansenInstructor
Katharina Rasmussen
Katharina RasmussenInstructor
Jonas Hein Jørgensen
Jonas Hein JørgensenInstructor
Pernille Nielsen
Pernille NielsenInstructor
Christian Hvid
Christian HvidInstructor
Daniel Eilinarson Kristensen
Daniel Eilinarson KristensenInstructor
Anders Risager Kristensen
Anders Risager KristensenInstructor
Asbjørn Jensen
Asbjørn JensenInstructor
Désirée Lund
Désirée LundInstructor